Border Crossing/Entry Data: Query Detailed Statistics

NOTE: The most recent data are from January - July 2016.

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INSTRUCTIONS: You can make multiple selections in the boxes (except for the "Port Location" box) by clicking on selections while holding down the Shift key (contiguous) or the Ctrl key (discontinuous). You can select "All Border Ports" or "Northern Border Ports" or "Southern Border Ports" in the "Port Location" box if you wish to choose ports in multiple states. Use the scroll bar or mouse wheel to page down to see the results. The system will retain your selections in order to speed up the process if you want to change one or more items for another query. When querying monthly data, the interface will only work when querying 11 years of data or less.

Note: Loaded and empty truck container data are not available for Blaine, Washington for October-December 2015 and June-July 2016.