Table 11: Imports from Mexico with Port Geography and State of Destination Detail

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Field Name Data Element Description Type Width
DISAGMOT Disaggregated MOT Method of transportation by which the commodities are exported; "4" = mail, "5" = truck, "6" = rail, "7" = pipeline, "8" = other (including unknown), "9" = imports into Foreign Trade Zones Character 1
CONTCODE Container Code Distinguishes whether the merchandise is containerized "1" = containerized shipment. (Only applicable for truck and rail shipments) Character 1
DESTATE U.S. State U.S. state of destination. Character 2
DEPE District and Port of Entry Four-digit classification of U.S. Customs districts and ports of entry. For non-border ports, "XX" appears in the field's last two positions. (See DEPES.197) Character 4
COUNTRY Country of Origin or Destination Will always be "2010" to denote Mexico. Character 4
VALUE Value of Shipments Commodity value in U.S. $. Numeric 11
CHARGES Aggregate Charges Ten-digit numeric in U.S. $. Numeric 11
SHIPWT Shipping Weight Ten digit numeric (kilograms) Numeric 11
STATMOYR Statistical Month and Year Such as MMYY. Example Month 0592 = May 1992. Character 4