Table 6B: Exports to Canada with NTAR of Origin and Geographic Detail

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Field Name Data Element Description Type Width
DISAGMOT Disaggregated MOT Method of transportation by which the commodities are exported. "4" = mail, "5" = truck, "6" = rail, "7" = pipeline, "8" = other (including unknown) Character 1
DF Domestic/Foreign Code Distinguishes whether the Code merchandise was produced in the U.S.; "1" = domestically produced merchandise, "2" = foreign produced merchandise Character 1
NTAR Ntar 89 DOT-based aggregations of the zip code of the exporter Character 3
DEPE District and Port of Entry or Export Four-digit classification of U.S. Customs districts and ports Character 2
PROV Canadian Province Code Two-digit province code Character 2
COUNTRY Country of Origin or Destination "2010" to denote Mexico or "1220" to denote Canada Character 4
VALUE Value of Shipments Commodity value in U.S. $ Numeric 11
FREIGHT Freight Costs Cost of moving export goods from U.S. state to the consignee in Canada or Mexico, in U.S. $ Numeric 11
STATMOYR Statistical Month and Year MMYY. Example 0592 = May 1992. Character 4
COUNT Count Record count of the sorted and summarized data fields Numeric 7