North American Transborder Freight Data: Transshipment Data

U.S. State of Export or Import & Commodity (State - Commodity Table)

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Export weights for all modes are not available.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use "Tab" key to move forward through options in a dialog box, use "Shift" + "Tab" to move backward through the options. Use Narrow Up, Down to move up and down to highlight the selectable item in the selection box, use "Enter" or "Space Bar" and "Tab" to move the selected item(s) in both directions, you can make multiple selections in the boxes by holding down the "Shift" key (continuous) and Narrow Up or Down key. To view the query results, use the "Tab" to move on to "View Data" button and push "Enter" or "Space Bar", the query results will be shown below the query interface, use "Space Bar" or "Page Down" to scroll downward, "Space Bar" + "Shift" or "Page Up" to scroll upward. The system will retain your selections in order to speed up the process if you want to change one or more items for another query.

For the "Aggregate all (Countries, States, Commodities)" option, their privileges are higher than all other selected items in the same boxes. In other words, if this option selected, all other selected items in the same box will be ignored. If you want to query one or more on Countries or States or Commodities, remove the "Aggregate all (Countries, States, Commodities)" from the same selected box.